First Step Nursery & Daycare
Welcome to First Step Nursery & Daycare

First Step Nursery & Daycare is a warm and friendly setting that welcomes children from age 3 months to 5 years old.

We are a multicultural nursery set over 2 floors in a custom designed building with a fitted lift to enhance accessibility for all. We have 24 hour CCTV in operation in all our classrooms, playground and outside the nursery.  There is a large enclosed soft tiled playground, which has been divided into sections to accommodate our different age groups.

We ensure that all our nursery staffs are highly qualified nursery practitioners and all are CRB checked.  Our staffs hold relevant childcare qualifications up to degree level. All our staffs hold a Paediatric First Aid qualification.

Mission Statement

At First Step Nursery & Daycare, we believe in delivering top quality child care, with staff that are dedicated to providing young children an environment for each child to be healthy, safe and secure in order to make positive contribution to society. We believe in providing a welcoming and friendly environment in which we are passionate about working in partnership with parents. Equality and diversity are highly valued and promoted throughout our setting.

We encourage our staff are encouraged to access regular training to update their knowledge and develop them both personally and professionally, in order to maintain and continuously improve the quality of care we provide.

 Equality Statement

At First Step Nursery & Daycare we understand equality to mean treating everyone with equal dignity and worth, valuing their particular characteristics such as:

-Age, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, disability, sexual orientation and socio-economic circumstances.

-We understand that people have different needs, situations and goals.

-We strive to remove discriminatory barriers which may limit what people, especially young children, can do and can be.

-We recognise that inequality can be experienced in a variety of ways, affecting progress.

-Our commitment is evident through the many interventions that we as a nursery have in place over Parents/ Carer Focus Group (PCFG) and decisions surrounding the nursery and our children.

Partnering with Parents

The nursery work closely with parents/guardians through the Parents/ Carer Focus Group (PCFG), a representative group of parents/guardians/carers who suggest areas for development and improvement to make a difference to the services we provide.

Through this group, parents' opinions and views are listened to, and changes to services made based on parents' suggestions. This has helped improve communication betwen staff and parents/carers. It also helped to pinpoint areas of services that need improvements and has helped the nursery make the most effective use of resources. 

We are a nursery where your views and suggestions count 


"Staff work very well with parents. They regularly invite parents to share their views and Staff work very well with parents.  Parents praise staff and appreciate use their ideas to help improve the service.  Parents praise staff and appreciate amount of information they provide regarding their children's learning and development" (Ofsted Inspection October 2017)