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Yearly Calendar

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 The Natural World



NEW YEARS DAY 01/01/18 Nursery CLOSED

INSET DAY  02/01/18 Nursery CLOSED

Planting daffodils. 


Exploring the nursery Nature Garden

Looking at the 5 sense:  Smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight

Topic:  night and day


British Values:  

Music & Art



Exploring the nursery Nature Garden 





 Mini Beasts – Insects

Identifying mini beasts

And looking at life cycles.



British Values: 

 Mutual Respect and Tolerance



Lots of activities leading up to celebrating Chinese New Year 16/02/18 Year of Earth Dog

Which insects can you see in the Nature Garden? 

Life Cycles:  the caterpillar


Spring Half Term Break: 

 12th-16th February.  All government funded children not in attendance 


Pancake Day:  13/02/18


Valentines Day 14/02/18


Thursday 22nd February 2018 – Parents group Meeting, 6-7pm.  All parents invited. 


Spring walks and visiting local parks







Stories / Fairy Tales


  • WORLD BOOK DAY 01/03/2018




Friday 16th March is the nursery’s 6th birthday.  To celebrate we will be going on a Bear Hunt.  




Mother’s Day

09/03/17 will be having a Tea Party with mums from 3-4pm


Red Nose Day

23/03/18 – all children come in dressed in red with £1 donation to charity


  • Parents Evening:  
  • 27th, 28th  and 29th March.  Parents to book individual time with child’s Key Worker.


 30/03/18 Good Friday Nursery CLOSED

02/04/18 Easter Monday Nursery CLOSED 



British Values: 

 Food and Drink


Reminder: 30/03/18 Good Friday Nursery CLOSED

02/04/18 Easter Monday Nursery CLOSED Open as normal from Tuesday 3rd April


Easter Break holiday


(Government funded children not in attendance.  Return on Monday 16th April 2018)




 New arrivals

02/04/18 Easter Monday Nursery CLOSED 


Exploring nature looking at flowers, plants and trees 



Government funded children return to nursery on Monday 16th April 2018 


Babies visit Greenwich Park Toddlers:  What flowers can you see?


Toddlers visit Greenwich Park


18/04/18 Pyjamas Day 



Pre-School visit Greenwich Park


British Values: 

The Law – Right/Wrong

Which flowers did we see at the park and which ones were our favourite?  What were the colours, smells and textures? 


Planting flowers in the nursery Nature Garden.  






Looking at means of transport:  Which ones have you used?


Monday 7th May 2018 – Early May Day Bank Holiday Nursery CLOSED.

Inset Day 08/05/18 Nursery CLOSED



May Day (spring) Colours.  How colours can be mixed and change



Staying safe on the road:  making sure we look Left and Right.


British Values:  Table Manners

TRIP:   Friday 25th May – trip to Woodland Farm.  All parents welcome to attend.  Nursery will be CLOSED on this day due to all children and staff being on the trip. 

Monday 28th May 2018 Bank Holiday Nursery CLOSED.


28th May – 1st June 2018 Summer Half Term – Government funded children not in attendance.  Return on Monday 4th June 2018.  





  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Dance
  • Acrobatics 
  • Hula hoop




Sports Day on Friday 13th July 2018.

All the traditional fun games and races.  Children to dress in sportswear with £1 donation for Sports Relief


Picnic at the local park 


We are celebrating Father’s Day on 

Thursday 14th  June 2018

 with a breakfast for all the dads at the nursery.  8-9am.



British Values:

Community and Diversity 



Looking after the sea and sea animals


Looking after the environment/Recycling and The Ocean 


Trip:  To London Aquarium on Friday 6th July 2018 – Nursery CLOSED  


What is recycling and why do we do it? 


Dangers to the ocean and sea animals


Looking at sea life/sea.  Looking at colours and textures


23rd July – 31st August government funded children not in attendance.  Return on Monday 3rd September 2018


Crafts with Sea animals 


British Values:

Table Manners



Exploring the diversity of our nursery children 



Looking at flags from countries all over the world




The world – what country do you come from?



Tasting food from around the world.  Parents welcome to bring a little food from home.




Visit to the train station 



Flag activities


Monday 27th August 2018 – Summer Bank Holiday Nursery CLOSED and Tuesday 28th August 2018 Inset Day Nursery CLOSED. 


Monday 3rd September 2018 government funded children return back to nursery.



September (AUTUMN)

New Beginnings


Reminder: Monday 3rd September 2018 government funded children return back to nursery.


Starting school

Making new friends

Me and my family

Friday 21st September 2018 Jeans for Genes Day.  Children to wear dress and bring a £1 donation for charity

Parent’s story time and nursery rhymes.  Parents to volunteer and sing songs or tell stories from their background.  


Black History


Autumn colours –  visit to the local park 

Hero Day 

Mary Seacole, Nelson Mandela, Elijah  McCoy

Multiculturalism Day – Party on Friday 19th October 2018.  Parents to bring food from home. 



22/10/18-26/10/2018 Half Term – government funded children not in attendance.  Return to nursery on 29/10/18 



Gallery – sharing our Art work with parents. Parents can come and view their child’s art work throughout the year so far.



Bonfire Night- 5/11/18

People who help us:  Fire fighter 


Fire safety

Trip to local Fire Station 

Thanks giving

Remembrance Sunday 

Parents Evening:  28th, 29th and 30th November 2018.  Parents to book time with child’s Key Worker.  




Winter colours 




Keeping warm.


Snowman crafts


14th December 2018 Nursery Christmas Party + Christmas Jumper Day (last day for FEE children to attend). 

Christmas activities.


14th -31st December 2018 –Winter holiday.  Government funded children not in attendance. Return back on Wednesday 3rd January 2019 


CHRISTMAS EVE-24/12/18 nursery open HALF Day 7:30-12:30


25/12/18 CLOSED

BOXING DAY-26/12/17  Nursery CLOSED

New year

NEW YEARS EVE  Monday 31st December 2018 – nursery open half day 7:30-12:30





Open as normal from Wednesday 2nd January 2019

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