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DEPTFORD : 52 Deptford Broadway, DEPTFORD, London. SE8 4PH

PLUMSTEAD : 78 Elmgrove Point, 77 Walmer Terrace, Plumstead London. SE18 7AN

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Baby Room (Ladybird Room)

Our Ladybird room welcomes babies from ages 3 months to 18/24 months old. The environment is equipped with comfortable soft interactive age appropriate toys and we have created an atmosphere that is a home away from home to enable our babies to feel comfortable.

Our children receive encouragement to engage in the activities prepared for them. The room opens up to a dedicated soft fitted playground for our babies hence free flow is maintained at all times. We boost a dedicated team in Ladybird Room who have all been trained in working with babies.

We use Home Communication Books which provide detailed information about activities your baby has participated in, what time they ate and sleeping duration that day. In addition to the written feedback, all parents are also given verbal feedback on a daily basis. In Ladybird Room we operate a 3:1 ratio and each of our babies is given a Key Worker who are responsible for gathering in depth information of the child’s development based on observation.

Children learn through play and are allowed to do things that catch their attention at any time while they are only supported by staff. Our staff observe children in their play so as to identify their needs and plan daily or weekly activities and learning topics so as to provide a valid programme of challenging activities both indoor and outdoor.

Toddler Room (Butterfly Room)

Our Toddler Room welcomes children from 18/24 months to 30/36 months old. The room is divided into three sections and is easily accessible to all the children. The set up of the room enables children to access the 7 areas of learning through the course of the day regardless of what is taking place in the room i.e. lunch , snack time etc.

We focus on working with our Toddler Room children to support and develop their potty training. Many of our toddlers are potty trained and we work with parents to support their children through this transition.

There is a dedicated creative writing, computer area and Toddler Library which is aimed towards supporting the development of our toddlers.

We provide daily feedback to parents through our communication books and also verbally.

Children are encouraged and helped to start being independent in preparation to join Pre-School Room (Honey-bee). Children are observed in their individual activities and play and this is evaluated by practitioners who then provide appropriate activities to extend children interest and understanding.

Pre-School Room (Honey-Bee)

Our Pre-School Room supports children aged 30/36 months to 48/60 months old. In Pre-School we encourage our children to do things independently as we prepare them for their transition into mainstream school. During the day structured focused activities take place that are mostly child led with the support of staff. Writing materials, malleable resources, sand/water play and reading materials are also available throughout the course of the day for the Pre-School children to access.

At this stage children are increasingly supported to be independent so there is a large mix of child/ adult activities.

We also provide written and verbal feedback as this will give details about the sort of activities your child specifically has taken part in and major accomplishments that have taken place.

Our provision is based on children learning through first hand experience and play-based learning. Children’s individual needs are identified by observing them in play and activities. Practitioners then discuss and evaluate their observations and then provide appropriate activities to extend childrens’ interest understanding and learning. We hope that our children will develop an awareness of the learning process and have a positive approach to learning new things, being self-motivated and independent.

Learning at this stage is enhanced by the use of visual room resources and experienced practitioners who are also skilled in working with children who are developing bi-lingual skills as the nursery boost all children from different ethnic background.

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